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I can help you learn how to set up and use all your Apple Devices: MacBook Air, iMac, iPad or iPhone

I provide Friendly Tutoring for all your Apple Products, whether in your home, at your workplace, or even at a local Café, we can meet at your convenience.


Learn the basics of using your iPad, iPhone and iPod:

  Back-Up and Sync your Music, Photos, and Data using iCloud
  Set up multiple Email accounts in the Apple Mail App
  Search for, purchase and install new apps
  Navigate around the Home Screens
  Create and organize using folders
  Create Favorites/Bookmarks
  Personalize all your settings
  Use multi-tasking
  Get Organized!

        iMac 27

Let me teach you how to keep your Mac organized

Learn to use your iMac or MacBook Air:

Navigate the Desktop + Finder
Syncing with iTunes + iPhoto
Purchase and download apps
Organize your Documents
Use Dropbox, or Google Drive
Create Favorites/Bookmarks
Configure all your Settings
Personalize your System
Set-up Emai lAccounts
Manage your Apple ID
How to Multi-task
Set-Up iCloud